Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Eating Season

The Eating Season

Pack it away,
theres’ snow on the way.
The squirrels are so busy,
they’re all in a tizzy
to stash nuts for the day
we’ve been holding at bay
that now will arrive
while our need to survive
sends us out to the kitchen
with that tooth that’s been itch’n
for pastry and butter,
synthetic and other,
to stuff in our face
en route to our waist
in commensurate measure
to the squirrels’ buried treasure.

Cathy Wilson



threecollie said...

Hear, hear! Perfect poem! and I laughed right out loud in delight at the photo. That is just great!
I think the word verification may describe the blogger "blesser". At least in my life you surely are one.

Cathy said...

TC. You sweetie!
Thank you. Thank you.
I'll be over to check on you after I've cleaned up the mess from our downed trees and power outage.


troutbirder said...

Oh my. What a wonderful combination of intriguing photos and poetry. I love it and am glad I stumbled in here...thanks

Cathy said...


Can you imagine how lovely it is to have a visitor express their pleasure over my creative offering.

It's very, very pleasant.

Thank you so much.

DayPhoto said...

Great poem! I love your tree art. I have thought about buying some for myself, maybe I will now.


Cathy said...

Hey Linda!

I love tree art. And this fella just reeally amuses me.

His countenance can be variously interpreted as curious, startled, hungry . . . ;-)

Just project your current frame of mind.

June said...

Oh have expressed The Truth.
It sounds better in rhyme than it does as interpreted by my feet plodding from couch to cupboard to fridge...

Ruth said...

Yes, the snow brings out the hoarding qualities in all of us...
Love the poem and the picture.

Cathy said...


I almost spilled my morning coffee.
You're a hoot.
That 'plodding' sound was the inspiration for this poem ;-D

Hi Ruth!

"brings out the hoarding quality" AND brings out my elastic waist band pants!
Thank you :-)