Friday, January 27, 2012

The Blessings of The Horizon


My sister's voice,
on a silver thread
of wire and air,
hovers around me
and is transformed.

And the gray outside my house,
the chairs and tv, are gone,
and time is gone.
Her words are indiscernible,
the words that cross the plains
from her car as she waits for children
in a distant time zone, beneath a snowy peak.

So dear a connection
requires this momentary madness
where a heart is so amazed
and filled with gratitude
for the mysteries that bring love on wires and air,
that the words lose their meaning
and pierce the gray as music.

Catherine Wilson


As I age, beauty unexpectedly distills out of moments where I'd not expected transcendence.

I may be rung like a bell during a walk to the curb to gather the newspaper before the sun is up, or in the middle of a phone conversation with a kid-sister.

The little things, the daily turnings, are somehow more precious.
In literature, it's Scrooge's awakening to life's joys and possibilities after his encounter with death - that carries a bit of my sense about this._______________________________________________________________


threecollie said...

So beautiful! And what an amazing photo.

Cathy said...

Thanks Marianne. There are times it is very satisfying to lasso a few words to help save those moments one might wish to revisit over time.

The picture is indeed the mountain - Pikes Peak - that is the dominant feature of Colorado Springs.

Daisy-Winifred said...

Ah the daily little things, the wonders that never cease if the eyes heart and mind are willing. To a willing heart mind and eyes I say thank you for sharing the beauty you encounter so wonderfully.

My blog is about to come to life again, though camera is still in sticking plaster:0( but is healing:0)

Juila has put a post up about her latest exhibition, thought you might enjoy -

Cathy said...


So good to see you here!

I was about to email Julia and make sure you were behaving :)

Thank you, my friend, I'll be dropping by both your blogs for the wt, whimsy and beauty that I will assuredly encounter.

Keith Wilson said...

Very nice indeed.
A beautiful poem and picture
Of course, your blog posts are always outstanding!

white azalea said...

The picture is sooooo amamzing, thanks I like it and you words are beautiful!
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