Monday, March 05, 2012

Who knew? Birds eat snow.

This from Henry David Thoreau's March 2, 1859 journal entry:

" . . .There may be a month of solid and uninterrupted winter yet, plenty of ice and good sleighing. We may not even see the bare ground, and hardly the water, and yet we sit down and warm our spirits annually with distant prospect of spring. As if a man were to warm his hands by stretching them toward the rising sun and rubbing them."

So while we wait for spring, we record the fading beauty of another winter.

Do watch THIS VIDEO of a female cardinal eating snowflakes.


threecollie said...

I couldn't make the video play for some reason, but the photo is lovely in and of itself.

Cathy said...

Oh TC. If you tried the photo's play bar . . that's just a screen shot. You have to use the link in the text. Sorry.

threecollie said...

I feel so dumb. lol I love the video though, now that I finally got back to watch it. She certainly wasn't much bothered by the weather, was she?

Larry said...

Nice video! It doesn't surpise me that a bird would eat snow for the water content but I think that's the first time I witnessed a bird eating snow.-Nice job!

Cathy said...

Larry, you dear man. Checking in on this remiss blogger. Truly. Thank you.

And bless you for your take that this, perhaps, has never been recorded before on a video.

I, too, thought that might be so.

Again, thank you and Happy Spring and Good Birding!