Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Birds - Through the Window

Wish I'd installed that birdbath heater a little earlier in the season.   Wow!



Stephen said...

Again, nice photos. I miss the Robins. We seldom see them in winter, only in the Spring.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Stephen.
But you don't have robins?! Well, this is the first I've had them this winter . . . and . . . they're leaving some kind of fruity dingle-berries all over the deck and in the 'bathing' pool. I know they're hanging out in Florida somewhere. Just find some crabapple trees . . and "Duck!" :)

Rev. Paul said...

I'm just floored at the photos you've posted here - fantastic!

I miss songbirds.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Rev. Paul.
I admit. It's very satisfying when everyone sits up pretty and I get the shot. That's the first I've had robins in the yard for months and months. They must be reeeally thirsty since there's no liquid water anywhere.

julie said...

They have bird bath heaters? What a neat idea! Looks like it's become quite the hangout.

Jonna said...

Isn't it a joy to watch the birds! I rarely get Robins at my heated bath. Maybe it is because it is much smaller than yours.

Cathy said...

Oh Julie! I see you're born and raised in warmer climes :) You bet they do. Every imaginable variety. This one is cased in a perch-ready aluminum exterior that can even be painted a color that the discerning bird watcher my prefer.

Cathy said...

Jonna . . . it's hard to improve on this sedentary hobby:) It's just hard, at times, to resist hopping up and trying to get "the shot."

threecollie said...

Oh, I love these shots, especially the robins! Luscious, fat, lovely's been

Cathy said...

Thank you . . . :)
These were my first this winter.
"Luscious, fat and lovely"! Yes!
And they've not been back today. I think they were desperate for water. I'm still running that heater with fingers crossed.

Tamanna Porna said...

The photos are so pretty Cathy! Reminds me the last few lines of a poem by Robert Frost, My November guest !

''Not yesterday I learned to know
The love of bare November days
Before the coming of the snow,
But it were vain to tell her so,
And they are better for her praise.''

Cathy said...

Tamanna! What a lovely birthday present. Your sharing that last stanza of Robert Frost's poem! He is my favorite poet. You truly are a kind and welcome "November Guest" . . :)