Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fins or Feathers?

What must the carp think of the object floating in the world above - he of scales and gills? If your DNA had to make another round, what would you choose? Bird or fish? If you answer anything but bird over fish we're going to have a serious communication problem :0)
(This carp lives? in the pond at the Toledo Botanic Gardens)


Bonita said...

Good question....I'm thinking a choice between a dolphin or a hummingbird. Both delight.

barb said...

Gorgeous picture!

I would have to pick bird or my 12 year old son would disown me lol. Hmmm... now what bird? Not sure I can pick. Each one we encounter is special in its own uniqueness.

I read Josh your earlier comment about taking him birding if he is ever in the area and he is ready to head out to Ohio right now! He was just given the use of a scope by a birder friend who bought a new one and is just looking for any excuse to use it.

He got two life birds in one evening the other night birding with a group in Mt. Charleston which is about 45 minutes from where we live in Las Vegas; the flamulated owl and the red-crossbill. Getting harder for him to add new life birds for our area as he is up to 274 (or somewhere around there) so the east coast is looking better and better to him :)

Cuppa said...

Bird! Yes, bird, but how do they survive our cold snowy winters in this area? I would want to be a Chickadee and wear one of those cute black and white snowsuits!

Cathy said...

Cuppa, You, too, are a hoot! - guess it runs in the family - 'black and white snow suit' - cute image (I love chickadees:0)Thank you for stopping by.