Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Patch Of Blue

After 10 days of rain this patch of blue opened over the field where I sat finishing Alice Munro's "Runaway". Rain and Munro short stories can dampen spirits. She has been compared to Chekhov. Her short stories are exquisite. They are painful. I was happy for this little patch of sunny blue.


Casey said...

Cathy -- forgive this question (I promise it's not asked in mistrustfulness!), but I haven't figured out whether all of the pictures on your blog are taken by you.

Not that it really matters. I mean if they ARE, that's amazing, and if they are, it's also amazing that you can find such interesting and apt pictures on the internet.

Knowing you, my guess is you took almost all of them?

Bonita said...

I remember a film many years ago titled "A Patch of Blue", about a blind girl living in extremely harsh conditions. She exhibited such beauty. I identified with her temerity and innocence, and do feel so grateful that there is always a patch of blue among the many clouds.

Cathy said...

Now you've gone and done it! I'll have to buy a wardrobe of new hats. Yep - mine, mine, mine (unless otherwise noted :0)