Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Little Swan Girl

I'd wanted to photograph this little girl as she fed the swan. A fairy-tale bird had come fanning it's wings to where it waited for the beneficence she showered from a sack. I hurried back to my my car for the camera, but she saw me and the ballet was over. My intrusion and her ensuing self-consciousness ended the magic. I wonder if there's a metaphor here for our human endeavors when we realize that someone is watching. Hmm. On visiting with her I learned that she had been tossing white petals she'd collected from under a tree because she knew that feeding the swan was forbidden. Things have been so strange the last few days.

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Bonita said...

That is a poignant story. Leave it up to a child to obey, then find a way to follow the promptings of her heart. I'm glad the flower petals were there for her.