Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In the Eye of the Beholder

Bonita, over at Flitzy Phoebie revealed the rich imaginings of her mind and artist's eye when she saw a world map on an old door knob.

I'd just been teasing my kid-sis with a picture I took of a shed's old white-washed window. Inspired by Bonita, I offer you the same challenge I gave my sister. Do you see anything?


Aw, c'mon. She's IS there isn't she? Hope I'm not just projecting a bad attitude :0D

P.S My sis saw people leaning over a bar (upper left), an elephant (upper right) and a man swinging a rat by the tail (lower right). Hmmmmmm.


Anvilcloud said...

That's what I saw, about a half face near the centre of the window.

Larry said...

I saw a wife with a Lucy Ricardo hairdo giving her husband-(A long nosed fellow with a french beret)-the business about something he did wrong.-His head is looking dejectedly downward.

Larry said...

That was for the center.-I see the elephant too.-I could see more things but that's enough for now.-good idea!

Cathy said...

Larry - that's too funny! I'm sitting here with my sister and she AGREES with you :0D

Bonita said...

Elvis with sideburns, or a petulant Michael Jackson; an elephant; and families on the Long March, dressed in spring attire. Don't you just love the chance to imagine!

KGMom said...

Cathy--I bet every time you take a Rorschach test, you pass!
What you can see is a testament to the need of the human brain to create order where there is essentially chaos.

Laurie said...

I see Elvis, just like Bonita. So THAT'S where he went!

threecollie said...

Hmmm....I saw whitewash. Is that bad?

Cuppa said...

Hi Cathy - thanks for stopping by to say hello today. Travel lag, time zone changes, catching up with the Smudge, overgrown gardens, and after vacation "to do" lists have had me in a bit of a spin since we got home. AC stays up late at night to catch up on blogs, I crash completely around 8pm! Sheesh! Hence the lack of blog writing and reading.
Eric is away on a business trip this week, so we are doing double duty with Butterfly and Smudge, next week we are off to visit my brother, the week after that my sister comes for a visit and the week after that Bug and Puff come to Ontario for two weeks. So the busy schedule continues. I might not be back till September at this rate.

Thanks for staying connected though. Always nice to hear from a friend. Continue to enjoy your summer and keep looking for the hidden beauty in the most unexpected places.

Mary said...


OK - my eyes are bad or my monitor sucks. I saw the man pulling a rat by its tail. Other than that, I saw whitewash. Hmmmm. I'll try at work tomorrow. I just drank a glass of wine - maybe that's my problem!

I am so delighted to see a post from you. Are you still enjoying the water view?

Rurality said...

I saw that first thing - I think it's a man though! I also saw a Viking ship, and old woman carrying groceries, and one of those guys from Gorillaz. :)

Cathy said...

AC -
C'mon . . . what else did you see? Dare to divulge :0)

Larry -
You're a good participator. I wish I were better at the fun quizzes over on your blog. I'm just too old.

Bonita -
Yes! We 'mature' beings need just as much whimsy as the young'ns. Guess you and I share that happy tendency.

Donna -
In so many ways do we humans try to harness the unknown, the chaos. (Is it possible to flunk a Rorschach test? :0)

Laurie -
I didn't see Elvis till you and Bonita mentioned him. I kept seeing a dour woman with a tear on her cheek. (I'll keep his where-abouts under my hat)

Three Collie -
You can't flunk, but c'mon . . . you don't want to miss Elvis do you ?

Cuppa -
I'm so glad to hear from you. Next time you're back here, though, you've got to wade in on my window denizens :0)

Mary -
Hey! The wine is supposed to help:0)

Yes, dear - the beach connects to the ocean which soothes this tourist's heart.

Rurality -
Wow. I've got to dive back in there. I missed these images. I shouldn't be surprised that you conjured curious things. I've seen your tree root musings :0)

Sandy said...

Yes, I saw the lady in pane one right off, but also noticed the man and woman (white coat) walking down a city street in pane four.