Thursday, August 16, 2007


"Drunk with gold they bumped their heads . . ."

" They pledged a bond of summer friendship . . . "

Wandering through the late summer vegetation one witnesses much bonhomie. Perhaps as the days grow shorter and the crickets begin to talk about the cold and stillness ahead, nature's denizens feel the need to sing a few rounds of Auld Lang Syne with their summer neighbors.

I wrote a little ditty about these observations.

The Globe Thistle Bar

It must have been an ear-eluding whistle
that drew the critters to the blue globe thistle.
They nuzzled ‘round the spiky little taps
and guzzled either nectar or some saps
brought in on summer’s late-season run -
compliments of a sated July sun.

So, drunk with gold they bumped their heads
to fill their bellies before the dregs
of fall rose up.

They drained their cups.

And called to fellow passersbys
with beady, buzzing little cries:
“Beer! Over here!”

As only spirits can provide,
at bars with strangers side by side,
the air was sweet with the bonhomie
of the monarch as he stroked the bee
with dizzy, sotted antennae,

and pledged a bond of summer friendship –
until October’s frost should end it.

Catherine Wilson



mon@rch said...

Love your photos and always loving your writing!

NatureWoman said...

Cathy, your photos are so gorgeous and I love your ditty!

KGMom said...

What an eye and ear you have. Talent all around.

Body Soul Spirit said...

Beautiful and fun! Bonhomie...I have learned a new way to use that word. The mascot for the annual Winter Carnival in Quebec City is Bonhomme, a big snowman. I have not heard the term anywhere else.

Lynne said...

I love your poem- I read it to myself out loud!

Mary said...

You amaze me, Cathy. You pulled a few photos together, had a thought, and boy can you deliver!

Love the poem and the photos are exquisite!

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, the days are getting shorter. That really became apparent as we were sitting by the river at eight o'clock last night.

Love that first picture.

threecollie said...

Wonderful photos, great poetry..thank you

Laurie said...

Wow. Cathy, you are so talented. You amaze me. If I had half of your talent, I'd be...well talented.


burning silo said...

I just love those photos fo the amiable cattail and leaf and the grasses. I can see that you're really getting into the insect photography now. The wonderful poems works so well with the photos.

Bonita said...

I love the image of the "dizzy, sotted antennae"...and bellies, too.

Patrice said...

Bravo! This one reads well aloud, and the images are so much fun. Thanks for sharing.

Tim Burns said...

What a fun and funny poem Cathy! I'll remember is as I pass the thistles on my walk (and as I have a beer). :)

Cathy said...

mon@rch -

Thanks! Tom, I wish my pictures were half as sharp as yours.

Naturewoman -

So glad you liked it. They're not as pretty as your Lantana :0)

Kgmom -

Thank you :0) As always I breathe a sigh of relief when you give me a pat on the back.

Body Soul Spirit -

Thank you! Now that's fun - 'Bonhomme'. I guess that means 'good guy'. Well I had to research my word before I used it. I'm very poor at different languages and I hope the sense of good nature; pleasant and easy manner - was used with some success in my ditty.

Lynne -

You sweetie - Now that makes me smile. My words drifting into lovely Minnesota air :0) Thank you.

Mary -

You, dear lady, are my inspiration for connecting a picture with words in ways that bring smiles or nods of assent as we recognize ourselves - our lives in your narratives about daily life. Thank you.

Anvil Cloud -

I'm trying not to mind too much about the diminishing light. So far so good :0) Thank you.

Three Collie -

Thank you, dear. I keep trying to put it in words and pictures. Hopefully it pleases.

Laurie -

Your talents are great. Writing ditties doesn't keep the world around us moving forward. It doesn't give comfort and life-sustaining support. We ditty writers need real people to do the hard work. Thanks and hugs, Sweetie.

Burning Silo -

Bev! I'm so glad you 'got' and enjoyed those friendly pictures. They just jumped out at me during my walks and made me smile. I knew I had to use them somewhere.

Thank you, so much. And YES! I'm having more fun with the bugs. You are my inspiration - have piqued my curiosity about the insect world.

Bonita -

Oh! I'm so pleased you liked those images! They do make me smile:0) There are so many behaviors in the bug world that encourage anthropomorphism.

Patrice -

Yea! You liked it :0) And you read it aloud so that it could drift into the lovely air of Washington state. Thank you!

Tim -

Thank you! Dang! It's nice to think I might have brought a little smile to someone's heart or mind. I'm usually wading around in maudlin stuff and it's fun to be funny.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cathy,
I picked up your blog from over at Mary's View. I can see that I've been missing some lovely pictures and stories from you, so will be spending some time in your archives.
This was a neat post with pictures of amiable plants and insects. You have a good eye to see things as I never have.

Cathy said...

Ruthie -

I'm so glad you stopped by. Any fan of Mary's is a friend of mine:0)
Thanks so much.