Tuesday, August 07, 2007


It all begins with thirst-quenching rain.

This dry birdbath is now full.

The flowers are revived.

It's hot as hades outside. Gratefully, we've watched as line after line of storms move through. We're under a severe storm watch now. It sure beats those cicada-chanting, devil's anvil, sun-pounding last few days.

The bird baths are full to over-flowing. The flowers are refreshed and other than the weather - I've got bupkis. (Oh! Had to post the formerly yellow, elongated, oval shade-loving eggs in case Bev stops by and get her opinion as to whether they're still growing or just sizzled)

I'm going to drop this little poem on you with the hopes you'll find it pleasant - like an afternoon rain shower.


Since I was a child
there’s never been a rain come round
that didn’t find me leaning close to the other side
of a window
Watching the first drop, then another and another
and another . . . quiet . . .tentative . . .
Making small clear trails in the breeze-deposited
dust on the other side and the tempo rising
And some inner pulse matching drop by drop
the slap! slap! slap! of the stippled curtain of water
that pelts and runs, pelts and runs . . .
Where moments ago there were a window,
a sleepy summer afternoon, butterflies lacing
among the marigolds, pansies limply awaiting
Evening’s respite from the sun . . .
Now scalloped waves choreograph
the pebble-pounding on porch roof, sidewalks,
steaming pavement and parched flower beds.
And when the pelting slows to shifting mesmeric
rain patterns on the street . . .
Time itself stops to listen to the rain, rain
. . . the Rain.

Catherine Wilson



burning silo said...

Good to hear that you're getting some rain. I hope it brings a bit of relief from the heat. We're still warm here - looks like it will be over 80 for most of the week, and very humid. Oh well!
Are those the same eggs as the yellow ones from the other day? These dark ones look like Stinkbug eggs to me - in fact, I'm just about 100% sure that's what they are.
Loved the poem -- I can see and hear that rain falling!

Cathy said...

No kidding. Stink Bugs! Well - Guess I'd rather have found a Monarch nursery :0) Yes - I'm 100 % sure those are the same eggs.

Cathy said...

Bev - A little further confession. The reason there aren't as many eggs in the second picture is because I'm an clutz and in trying to do the super-macro 'bumped' the eggs. Guilt trip - big time. I'm relieved I didn't inadvertently reduce the Monarch population. I'll do better - I promise.

mon@rch said...

It is so fun watching other blogging friends have similar weather as I am having!

Body Soul Spirit said...

Cathy, I am so excited about the rain too. It has rained here since noon, a nice steady rainfall. Afraid my next post will be on a similar topic unless I have an inspiring dream tonight!

Cathy said...

Monarch -

I'm so happy we're sharing the rain, rain, rain.

Ruth -

Sweetie, You go right ahead and post about rain - it's such a lovely topic it bears repetition. Rain, rain rain . . .

burning silo said...

Cathy - I wouldn't worry too much about losing a Stinkbug egg or two (if that is what they turn out to be, that is). Plenty of Stinkbugs to go around as it is. By the way, I meant to mention that your macro shots are looking pretty good!
We have had the odd rain, so things are well watered here. I just wish the temperature would drop a few degrees along with the humidity. I have quite a lot of work I'd like to do (mainly painting) and it's just too hot and humid at the moment.

KGMom said...

Cathy--there is something elemental about rain. No wonder you press your nose up against the window. I do love your poem and the photos, how they all interweave and complement each other.

Cathy said...

Bev -

you are kind to absolve me of my guilt. AND I've decided to purchase the Sony H9! It's getting good reviews and I really want to see if I can do a better job recording all the amazing life out there in the bushes, trees and puddles.

Donna -

I'm so glad you like my wet little offering :0)

Water. I have to have water. I simply could not live in the desert southwest.

Bonita said...

Yes, I think time stops, to listen to the rain. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have an entire winter of misting and storms, and I have learned to really savor it. Today, and yesterday, we have really low temps - mid 60's. I've had to turn the heat on in the mornings! Shut the windows at night! So unusual, to have it so chilly.

Cathy said...


You've turned the heat on! Oh my word - what a strange summer. But 60' is lovely for moving around outside.

Honestly - I don't remember it ever being so sweltering here - we race from the car to the house. Sadly, there's so much beauty in August - everything ripening - preparing to pass on genes to the next generation. But, it's to hot to go out and revel in it.

threecollie said...

"cicada-chanting, devil's anvil, sun-pounding last few days"
Speaking of poetic...that is just a great phrase there....describes this summer very well! Glad you are getting a little rain.

NatureWoman said...

Aw, rain, how wonderful that looks! And I love your poem, too!

Larry said...

ahh-nice post! Next time it rains, I'm going to take some time and just sit by the window watching

Cathy said...

Three Collie -

You're kind. I was hoping I didn't go over the top with that description. But this sweltering heat inspires one to hyperbolic summits :0)

Pam -

Thank you :0) It's always nice to know a poem worked.

Larry -

Oh, I'm glad I could inspire you to sit and listen to the rain, rain . . . the rain:0)

Tim Burns said...

Nice poem Cathy. I like the use of the "pa" sound. I'll think of "pa" "pa" "pa" and your poem the next time it rains.

nina said...

Love the poem of the rain, rain, rain. So very calming.
We had a gully-washer, too. But the heat continues--yesterday the hottest in 8 years--100. And a repeat performance scheduled for today. Ugh.
Thanks for the pleasant reading.

Cathy said...

Tim! -

How kind of you to point out the alliteration in my poem. Honestly - I had missed this completely. Thank you!

You know - I've been enjoying your poems.

Nina -

Thank you. One hesitates to put our creative work 'out there'. I'm pleased that your poet's soul found it pleasant.

I love gully-washers. Can anyone ignore them and not be drawn to a window?

100'! I didn't know it was that hot south of me. Whew! Hang in there. It can't last.

Laurie said...

Oh Cathy, your poem is exquisite. I have no words.

Cathy said...

Laurie -

Oh, I'm so glad it works for you. I wrote it years ago and found it in my stack of stuff and kind'a liked it,too.

Sandy said...

I did find your poem very pleasant, Cathy. I have noticed that we share the same feelings on several subjects.
So glad you had rain, we went through a hot, dry spell a couple of weeks ago, and it was not a happy time here.

Mary said...

Dear Cathy,

Please forgive me for missing this wonderful post and poem!

The heat is getting to me.

It's dry.

Your description of rain is so soothing for dry souls.

Thanks for such inspiring words.

You are wonderful.


Cathy said...

Sandy -

Yes, I've suspected we are kindred spirits :0) I'm so glad you liked my poem. We've been blessed with yet more rain - ahhhhh.

Sweet Mary -

Now young lady - you need never apologize to me! Heavens to Betsy! I'm so far behind on my blog reading. I just trust my blogging buddies are as busy as me and consequently understand my absences at their blog doorsteps.

I've got to skip over to your blog before bed - to see if there's a Bella/Chloe fix waiting :0)

mon@rch said...

rain is good right? LOL - monarch's have been flying all over here recently!

Cathy said...

Monarch -
Yep. It's a goooood thing.
We, too, have monarchs in abundance. That's a gooood thing too :0)