Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just a Smile Before I Head To Mom's

Life is made precious by connections, whimsy and sharing the wonder of it all.

I'd have missed this Tree Frog a few weeks ago if mother hadn't noticed him as she reached for the banister to steady herself as she went down the porch stairs.

Great Spreadwing Damselfly


A tiny tired spider

Water lily

A Tiger Swallowtail on Tithonia

Milkweed Beetle

Bee dance on Dahlias (This is pretty neat, clicked)

Great Blue Heron

Wary Jumping Spider(Oh, do click)


Tito? (Actually, you're looking across a patio table at socks that my brother had kicked off. My husband pointed out that from his perspective it looked like Tito lying there)

Tito and 'Sock Tito'. (Just a different perspective)

I'm headed back to Mom's after a few days here at home to restore order and reassure myself that hubby is doing OK in my absence. Mom is doing better, but a TIA required a Doppler study of her carotids and there may have to be a little intervention there. One day at a time.

Summer is gone. We northern bloggers are sharing a sense of 'where did it go' as summer has vanished into the hedgerows where the Goldenrod and Asters frame the tawny fields.

So I wanted to leave a few of my favorite photos from the last weeks, a little reminder to myself that even when life is tough - beauty and whimsy persist - perhaps no further away then under a flower petal or resting on the porch banister.

Hope you are all well and sharing laughter and joy with those you love. Life is very precious.



Anvilcloud said...

Wow! You have some stunning photos there.

Mary said...

Dear Cathy,

You have it, lady. Your spirit lifts you as shown in these SUPERB photos - full of life. My jaw is still hanging.

Keep being whimsical - we all need to be that way when times are a litte tough.

You have my best wishes for your Mom and I'm keeping all of you in my prayers. She will do well!

I miss you. But's I realize it's short-term :o)


Laurie said...

Such amazing photos you have taken. And your pearls of wisdom make my heart melt as usual. I miss you Cathy, but I know you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you were meant to do.

Just know that when it's time to come back, we will be here. And we love you.


Pam said...

You are so right, Cathy, life is so very precious - every day, every moment. Your photos prove it, they are wonderful, especially the clouds. I've always had a thing for clouds, have done many paintings of them, and never tire of their beauty, their ever-changing presence.

Your mom and your family are in my thoughts and prayers every day. You all have a wonderful attitude, and from one who has learned, attitude can make all the difference.

burning silo said...

They're all wonderful photos, but the bee photo really blew me away. I love how the bee in the foreground is zooming to the join the others on the flower! Yes, it seems that summer has slipped away for another year, but we still have all of autumn ahead of us. Take care.

threecollie said...

Very lovely. Thanks for telling us to click for a closer view as it was really worth it to see the bees and spider. Thanks for your kind words too.
Hope everyone continues to improve...

Bonita said...

What a wonderful collection of photos. I especially like the milkweed beetle - looks like he is on a pogo stick.

We miss you, Cathy. Take care, and enjoy this time with your Mom.

mon@rch said...

So many smiles here in these photos! Cathy, keep up the great post!

Dave said...

Love that jumping spider!

KGMom said...

Cathy--is the tired spider one and the same as the wary spider? Same flowers, same eyes!
Love all the photos.
Glad you are recharged (for now) and that Mom is OK.
We're all still pulling for you!

NatureWoman said...

Cathy, Glad you stopped by with your wonderful photos! I've been thinking about you and your Mom. Life certainly is precious, as well as the relationships with our loved ones. Thank you for sharing with us.

Ruth said...

The bee photo is gorgeous. How did you manage to get such closeup detail and still have the background in focus? (obviously i am a hacker photographer!) I also love the heron on the tree branch.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cathy,
So good to hear from you again and glad that your mom's still doing OK.

Your photos were beautiful--I love all the beautiful, intense colors. I especially loved the smiling toad and Tito with "Sock Tito". What cuties!

Larry said...

I wonder if that tree frog is the one that's been fooling me in to thinking I've found a new species of bird.-Some frogs make bird-like sounds-drives me nuts.-nice photos-I like Fall better than summer- anyway though.

Patrice said...

Thanks for checking in, Cathy. Your post is the perfect thing to help me start a busy day--to keep things in perspective. You're a gift.

Sandy said...

Cathy, these are wonderful shots! And, you identified a dragonfly for me. Some people look, and some people SEE, you are one of them.

Julie Zickefoose said...

You are beautiful, Cathy. The ruby slippers got me. My mom wears those. Not red, but those kind. Thank you for sharing your mom's ordeal with us. Thank you for the jumping spider photo, and the bee photo.

Donna-Jean said...

Speechless. Your blog is simply wonderful. What an uplift...on so many levels.

So glad your mom is doing better, and that she enjoys that poem "September"!

Mary said...


Stopping by to say HI! Hope you are well...


Pam said...

A quick stop to say hi and wish you and yours well.