Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time In The Country With Mom

These are a few photos from the week we spent with my mother who attended her 66th high school reunion during the Free Street Fair in Loudonville, Ohio.

That's the town of Loudonville, where Mom grew up and she and Dad raised us.

I walked onto the hill to look at stars and looking back toward the house saw Mother reading her book.

I love cows. Across the road, this one was also enjoying the morning.

My precious grand-niece, Katie - pointing at the duckies.

I love old barns.

Ohio morning glories reach their full glory, right before frost.

Ann and Mom, standing at their childhood home and admiring the fir tree their father planted 80 years ago.

Mom was with us last week. Her Colorado kid-sis was visiting with us, too. Unfortunately she brought a virus with her. My husband and brother picked her up at the airport. She was hacking her head off. (Sorry - I'm tired and this won't be poetic) Now we all have 'the thing'. The concern is that with Mom's weakened heart - this could be rough. Dang. Just when you think you've found smooth water and clear air . .

We all spent the week in Loudonville where Mom and her sis grew up. I lived there until I was eighteen and now own a musty little 'weekender' a bit up the hill from my sweet brother, Bob and his sweeter wife, Robin.

During the visit I took a few photos and played border collie as I tried to herd those pesky viruses into the 'harmless corral'. This old collie is tired and disappointed. Back to the drawing board and probably back to Mom's to see that things are going OK.

I've missed dropping in on my blogging buddies. We were to travel this week, but with this bug I'll be home and have time to catch up. There's the silver lining I was looking for. Hope you are all well.



Bonita said...

I've been wondering about your mom. I'm glad to see that all of you are hunkered down, enjoying hearth, home, and the countryside. My goodness, how beautiful it is there.

Mary said...

Cathy, I am so relieved you are back and sharing your story. Your Mom seems well enough to ward off a bug, I hope?

Despite your concerns, I am happy to see you are enjoying yourself and showing your artful nature through stunning photos and thoughts.

You have been on my mind. Take a breather and have faith that all will be well.

All of your posts are uplifting, even when you think there is cause for concern.

Please stay in touch?

Hugs and best wishes,

Mary said...

I forgot to mention how fanastic that photo of the morning glories under the puffy white coulds is... Wow!

KGMom said...

Good to hear from you again--and sorry for the cross-country bug you picked up.
Sounds like a time for masks all around for everyone!
Lovely photos; very evocative of a touch of country life.

Laurie said...

Your photos are wonderful! So good to see mom is doing better. I hope the bug leaves you all alone so you can recuperate. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Pam said...

It's nice to have you back, so sorry to hear about your bugaboo... your photos are absolutely beautiful, there is nothing like the countryside.

Sending healing thoughts to you and your mom and all.

threecollie said...

Thank you so much for taking time to drop by and leave a comment when you are so busy and not feeling well. I hope your mom isn't adversely affected by the bug.
Wonderful photos BTW. I love the one of your mother reading...a very touching effect.

Anvilcloud said...

It's nice to hear from you again. I'm glad that, apart from viruses, things seem to be going pretty well.

NatureWoman said...

So nice to hear from you again Cathy! Hope you get better soon. Your photos are gorgeous.

Larry said...

Beautiful photos!-I'm glad that you re enjoying your time there.I'll bet you would enjoy the Parade of Painted Cows we have in West Hartford-all done by local artists.-


Pam said...

I was wondering if you would mind if I use your photo of the old barn door and an art piece? Credit goes to the photographer if I am successful.

Pam said...

oops... "as" an art piece. My dragon ran amok.

nina said...

Love the cow on the hill--so pastoral.
Hope the bug doesn't grab on too tightly to your mother. That just wouldn't be fair--tagging her when she's down!
I never made the connection before with you and Loudonville. You must know Malabar Farm--a distant connection to me.