Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Kiss

In the local public gardens a pair of swans drifts about on the ponds below the linden allee. On one overcast day the softly rippling water reflected the birds in detail that was lovely and then breath-taking. I noticed that the quivering mirror-imaged reflection formed a heart with the dipping head and neck of the gliding swan . My photograph captured the effect and inspired the poem that is my favorite of last year's flock. It's titled The Kiss. Below is the third of four stanzas.

Before the breeze teased the clouds apart
the swan dipped its head and formed a heart
with a graceful ghost who echoed the bliss
of a day transformed by this watery kiss.

. . . . .


Anvilcloud said...

Nice pic on its own, but the title and commentary make it special.

Bonita said...

I agree with AC - beautifully done.