Saturday, June 03, 2006


This Turkey Vulture waited with his comrades for the spring day to warm the earth and create a thermal to help them aloft. I photographed him waiting beside the loveliest road where we bounced along in the open jeep, smelling the freshly cut hay and admiring all the floriferous abundance of the country roads. (Click on Turkey Vulture and scroll down to 'Behavior' and read about the activity of urinating on their own legs and vomiting - sorry, but this is very interesting stuff!)


Anvilcloud said...

Very creative. I like the photo above too.

Cathy said...

Anvil Cloud - Thanks. It's so nice to get positive feeback :0)

Casey said...

Cathy -- this photograph is amazing. I love your pictures. The ones above are great too... from Hubble down to a spider's web. It takes an awareness of the perfect relativity of everything to be able to do that... I like images/photos as a way to remind us of that, because putting it in words makes it end up sounding like a cliche.

I've only taken one good photograph ever. I'll post on over on my blog today.