Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ohio Roadside

At the end of the lane in Loudonville, Ohio, lies a hill composed of glacial till. Dame's Rocket blooms in the late May sunlight. A sycamore-lined stream cuts down through it and runs past the home of the man who raised cows here for more than a half century. He is now in a nursing home, his mind robbed by Alzheimers. His grandson now looks after the baby calves and their mothers. Life goes on.


Cuppa said...

Hi Cathy
Just a note to say hello and thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love this picture. The beautiful soft colours make me want to step right into the picture and walk down that road.

Bonita said...

Dame's Rocket was something I saw back in Illinois when we lived there. Thats such a sweet hillside you've stopped to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Alzheimers is such a hideous disease, but I firmly believe there is something better awaiting this man on the other side.

Beautiful photo.