Monday, June 12, 2006

A Little Sappy

The sap drops on these pine cones invited macro-mode photograhy. Imagine my delight on discovering my reflection on closer examination of the picture. I'm wearing a sun hat that is visible as the dark arc in the lower drop. My arm is visible steadying the pine bough and the camera strap is also apparent.


Bonita said...

Wow, that is inspiring....I, too, have loved the stories in raindrops, especially as they gather together eventually on a windowpane and drivel down to a corner. We've tons of moments like that here in Washington state.

Casey said...

That is amazing -- I'd probably need a special camera to take pictures like that, right? Whenever I try something that close-up, I just get a blurry white spot.

(All to say: very nice!)

Cathy said...

Yes, Casey - a point and shoot with a macro button. I'm such a techno-phobe that it's a minor miracle that I'm using a camera - yet alone, effectively. It's just that there's so much wonder and beauty - I'm compelled to figure out which button does what. This particular camera was a Konica Minolta - it just died and now I'm working with a Canon Power Shot S3