Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Henry and I - A Short Conversation on Approaching Winter

Greg's The Blog of Henry David Thoreau records Thoreau's daily musings on nature and life. I generally find his writings uplifting, eloquent and always a bridge across time to my own memories of precious moments of transcendence experienced at the margin of a wood and pasture, the heart of a dew-drenched fern, or leaning tucked into a tree turning crimson on a cold October day. First, I quote his October 25th observation and then my rather less courageous response to the waning of the year and the coming of the cold.

Thoreau's journal - October 25 th, 1858

This is the coolest day thus far, reminding me that I have only a half-thick coat on. The easterly wind comes cold into my ear, as yet unused to it. Yet, this first decided coolness - not to say wintriness -is not only bracing but exhilarating and concentrating to our forces. So much the more I have a hearth and heart within me. We step more briskly, and brace ourselves against the winter.

The Robin's Autumn Song
- Catherine Wilson

A rose is not a rose
when offered in a wreath
beside the dead.

Pinioned there it's shorn of light
and the breeze that holds
the grief apart
from the tender heart
that holds the petals fast.

The robin's song is tarnished
when she sees the sumac
dripping red.

Her heart begins a minor key
looking north
at what may be.



Bonita said...

We approach the storms of winter with trepidation, and ours, rain, have begun. Already, I've outlined side-streets to travel, to avoid the big puddles. The leaves haven't yet been raked, and the storm drains are plugged. The Olympic Forest received 12 inches in just a few days...wet, wet. wet!

Turtle Guy said...

Thoreau's journal & Autumn Song, both shining examples of mankind's endurance, yes?

Visiting here from A/C's... good to read you!

Cathy said...

Yes, Turtle guy - endurance - I like that. So glad you stopped by.

Greg said...

I love what you did here. Not only the poetic commentary on Thoreau's words, but the way you invested your poem with echoes from other poets. Very cool. In more ways than one.

Cathy said...

Wow, Greg! Im so pleased you dropped by. Thanks so much for the kind comments. Your impression means a great deal to me.