Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poetry - Phooey!

Dang- nab -it. How's that for poetic expression? Sadly, for me - the Walt Whitman Poetry Contest deadline was extended to November 30th. After a longer convalescence than I'd anticipated after a 'minor' procedure, I'd resigned myself that the contest's judges would be deprived of my great gift for yet another year.

Dang-nab-it. November 12th came and went and I was resigned and frankly relieved that I didn't have to prepare a package of 50 poems, all done according to contest guidelines.

Dang-nab-it. They've gone and pushed that deadline ahead to the end of the month and I've been losing my mind trying to locate all the dreck I've written. Oh. That's a killer. Spend enough hours ranging over 5 gazillion words of tripe that you once thought conveyed the wisdom of Solomon, Freud, all the great poets and philosophers from antiquity forward - Oh yeah: me -worthy peer of Frost and Dickinson - See! I can't even spell her name: It's - D I C K I N S E N. Arggggghhh. This is getting better! Anvil Cloud just commented that duh! my original spelling was OK. ARGGGGGGHHH. Emily Dickinson!

So, I'm not blogging - I'm ranting. I can hardly wait to get this garbage in the mail and return to the saner, for more enjoyable past-time of visiting with you all, on the internet.

Until then: ARGGGGHHHHH!



Bonita said...

This is sooooo funny! Pulling your 'hair' out, eh? Great images for a most exasperating project. I trust that all will go well, and good luck in the finals.

Cathy said...

Oh. Thank you, thank you, Bonita - I hoped you'd get the humor. I'm also going for the metaphor of my poems being just about as substantive as the 'tailings' (Har!) off a bird's rear end :0D

Anonymous said...

If your faithful blog readers could vote, you'd win for sure. Good luck!

Anvilcloud said...

Huh? I see Emily spelled "Dickinson." Is this another poet?


Cathy said...

AnvilCloud! See? I'm so frazzled I can't even execute an adequate 'google' search! You are acknowledged above. Thanks.

Daisy-Winifred said...

Glad the swan is metaphor for tearing hair out rather than having head up bum:0)
So glad they extended, so glad you did not pretend otherwise, so very glad the recouperation has continued enough for you to float serenely around gracefully picking up a line here and line line there on the various velum sheets, cough. Take care words are precious but more do the placer of such