Saturday, November 25, 2006

Webcam Up and Running

The Webcam in Loudonville is up and running! You'll find it in my sidebar under webcams. It's been down for half the past year and over his Thanksgiving visit our son, Jody, fixed it. It refreshes every 15 minutes and the view over this valley in north-central Ohio is, I think you'll agree - lovely.

I grew up in the small town of Loudonville over which our modest weekend home enjoys the benefit of a high perch. I'll be clicking on a few times a day to watch the flags for indications of approaching fronts - often you can see storms marching in from across the valley. I'll watch the first snow cover the hills and then look for the first signs of spring as the trees lose their sharp silhouettes and blur with the promise of new green.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend with my brother's family. His house is just below and to the left. We share a driveway and more love and history than my full heart could ever express.



Anvilcloud said...

It look wonderful in the photo, but it's dark out, so I can't look at the web cam now. :(

Bonita said...

Cathy, the vally is beautiful! Rolling hills and smoke coming out of the chimneys. How nice you can see your brother there.

BTW, your sidebar has dropped. When that has happened to me, it is usually due to a photo or link that I've inserted that took up too much room. Once found, and modified, the correction will allow the sidebar to pop up at the top again.

Cathy said...

Thanks Bonita. My son did some tinkering with my blog and rearranged the categories - hmmmm. I wonder what you're seeing. I'm going to have him check this out - he's back in Boston - sure is tough saying goodbye to our kids - I know you relate to that.