Monday, December 11, 2006

December Rainbows

The Spectarc Prism which hangs in the south facing window with the Owl stained glass is making rainbows this week. Sir Isaac Newton described the way in which prisms refract light and in that bending divide it into its constituent colors (wavelengths). So much mystery. I tried to see the planetary alignment yesterday. Failed in that quest, but it was good to be up and out on such a mild clear December morning. I bought this 10'' curvilinear plastic prism decades ago - can't find them anymore. It hangs from fishing line and when spun in a patch of sunlight it fills a room with dizzying arcs of our star's fireworks.



Anvilcloud said...

I keep enjoying your very appealing photos.

Cuppa said...

I have suncatchers in my windows but they sure don't throw rainbows like that. Wow!

Mine are shaped like tear drops and throw many small rainbows. I do love it when the late afternoon sun catches them at just the right angle and fills the room with dancing rainbows.

Thanks for sharing yours with us

Bonita said...

Beautiful! I noticed on my flight to Montana that when I wore my polarized sunglasses to protect my eyes from glare that all the rivers and ice were shades of pink, amber, turcoise, and gold. As the plane moved, the colors would change, blending into others. It was delightful.

Patrice said...

Hello Cathy and thank you for your kind words. I checked out your blog and loved it so much that I've bookmarked it. I love your series of photos on variations of light. Good luck on your poetry submissions! I have a dear friend who was a finalist for the Walt Whitman award last year--Mary Oliver
chose Mary Rose O'Reilley instead and I can see why. "Half Wild" is a beautiful collection.

As for myself, I've had poets in my life for many years, but have only started writing about a year ago. It is enriching my life.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as always. Thanks for sharing.