Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mouse Shadows

We went out early for breakfast and in hopes of seeing the within 1' alignment of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. As is typically the case in northern Ohio - the clouds obscured the horizon. The Bob Evans breakfast was ok, but the music sucked. Angst-ridden, yowling, vapid, dilute garbage. I almost left a note in the suggestion box, but considered that as an old fogey - the tide was against me and why bother.
As we walked in our front door the sun cleared the cloud bank and left this little tableau on my living room wall. Old age is . . . well, hmmm - interesting. Why? I can't remember where I got these mice - I only know they've sat on various shelves and table tops for years, watching over my comings and goings - receiving the drops of Christmas candle wax with equanimity. Like the owl stained glass in the preceding post - I really don't 'see' them anymore - except again this morning as the sun laid their silhouettes gently against the wall.



Anonymous said...

I just love the way you look at life and your photos warm my heart. Thank you.

bev said...

Those mouse shadows are great! By the way, I was reading back over the past week or so of posts. Happy belated birthday. I was born on Nov. 29th as well. I think I've only known two other people with the same birthday, so you're probably number 3! (-: