Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sunlight On Mount Blanket

This time of year it's all about light: the lack of it - the want of it - the joy of it - when glancing up you view a sunbeam falling across objects that the rest of the year might never receive the direct touch of star fire. The buffering leaves are down. The sun is crossing the sky at a such a low angle that it sweeps through the windows and lands on objects and areas in the house that in other seasons remain in shadow. Today it fell across Mount Blanket (and robe). My photo doesn't capture the effect as well as I'd hoped. What an interesting time of year - when a patch of sunlight on a jumble of warmth retainers becomes an object of admiration.


Anvilcloud said...

If it's any consolation, in two weeks the days will begin to lengthen. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling a bit "weathered" myself lately. Fortunately, the temperature is in the 50's today; the clouds have lifted and the sky is blue! It is beautiful.

I am going out to sieze the day.

Lovely pictures by the way.



Cuppa said...

I love this picture. Makes me want to curl up right in the middle of it and soak up the warmth.,

swamp4me said...

I love winter's shadows and silhouettes - sort of helps to make the blinding, low angle sun bearable :)
Thanks for sharing your shadows.