Friday, January 19, 2007

A Look Before Tossing

I was doing a little house-keeping within my photo files and was about to delete this picture of a titmouse perched on a Crabapple limb. I'd just been learning to use the photo canvas business in ACDSee imaging program. Nothing worked aesthetically till I started the pull down menu cascading from Filter to Artistic to Embossing. It's still not a great shot. But the little frayed-tailed bird remains perched in my photo files.


Bonita said...

Martha Stewart would love this image for sheets and pillowcases. It is lovely! ~ Bonita

Anvilcloud said...

That seems like the right sort of picture for that filter (which I never seem to get around to using).

Laurie said...

Very interesting Cathy. You are so creative!

Cathy said...

Bonita - Perfect! I can see it!

Anvilcloud - Try it! When it 'works' it's fun.

Laurie - Well - maybe a little creative, but I was just so disappointed that the original photo didn't work that I was trying to salvage it. ACDSee really provided the artistry.