Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Disconsolate Bird

This is the same Reddish Egret as the one I posted last week. A cold front went through this morning. It was cold and rainy. He wasn't enjoying the chilly wind. The temperature will go to 45' tonight.


Cuppa said...

Oh goodness. Some days it is just better to stay in bed and pull the covers up over your head.

This poor bird is having one super duper "bad hair" day isn't he?

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh I feel so guilty for chuckling at him! He does look pretty miserable.

Great Blue Herons look equally grumpy here in winter - poor things.

Are you enjoying your time in the sunshine Cathy? I hope so - it's cold here (finally!)

Anvilcloud said...

Looks like a funny old lady in a weird hat and collar. Just needs a purse.

Laurie said...

He does look disgruntled. Maybe that's too strong a word; how about far from gruntled? ;)

bonita said...

Is this a bad hair day? Poor, funny bird.

Cathy said...

Blog Buddies: I'm so glad you enjoyed this pix :0) He is a hoot, eh?

Laura - I'm afraid I've enjoyed it too much. I've clicked on the webcam in my sidebar (Outback) and though it's a beautiful spot - the snow and gray skies have me a little worried. I'm afraid it's my age. The joy of winter eludes me anymore. (Apologies to the snow lovers among ye)