Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What We're Seeing - NOT!

Very interesting. I'm slipping. We've been on this Florida island for 4 days now and after several walks on the beach it finally struck me. Something stinks - this is not just the salt air and the organic air-borne exudations of a healthy beach. But it just didn't register. Really - I'm slipping. Maybe it's just that I'm looking further out over the waves for terns or dolphins. Maybe it's that at my age my quest for sea shells has abated and I haven't been looking down. I have to credit my husband with the insight - he pointed out the color that tinged the seaweed that lay in a 3 foot strip the length of the beach. It's pinkish. It stinks. Good grief - Red Tide. I can't believe that no warnings were posted at the desk when we checked in. I've seen people wading with their kids in this stuff. Apparently it causes skin irritation and respiratory problems in some. Guess the chamber of commerce doesn't want to discourage tourists. Good grief. (The healthy beach picture was taken this summer on Cape Cod.)


Patrice said...


Hope you're getting lots of R and R and soaking up good sunshine vitamins!



Laurie said...

Despite the red tide, I hope you are having a wonderful time. The weather is wintry here again, so think of me huddled in a parka, mittens and scarf while you are wandering the streets in your shirt sleeves.

Have enough fun for me too, okay?

bonita said...

I'm glad you noticed that Cathy. Bathers beware...I'm always looking out for these conditions. Fortunately, in our area we have warning signs.

Cathy said...

Patrice - Thank you! Of course now there's the concern about skin cancer and I'm wondering if sunblock prevents the manufacture of Vitamin D. Still, the sun is so intense here I imagine it's getting past the hat, creams and clothes.
(Your blog picture is very sweet.
At first glance I thought you were on a beach - but I'm pretty sure that's a promontory with mountains in the background. Neat)

Cathy said...

Laurie - Oh I wish you could click those ruby slippers and head south. I would so happily share this sunshine and take you to the great birding spots. Hang in there - Spring will be sweeter for having survived the cold.

Cathy said...

Bonita - I'm about to post a picture I took this AM - more yucky stuffed washed up last night and the beaches were practically deserted when we took a short walk.
My mom and sis are due in Saturday and I'm disappointed that they won't get the full experience of Sanibel.