Thursday, May 17, 2007

For Josh & Barb

Josh and Barb, I hope you see this post. I've been unable to leave comments on your blog and just read of your grandfather/father-in-law's death. I'm truly sorry. I was planning on posting this and dropped by your blog and read the sad news. I decided to post it anyway in hopes that it might bring a smile as well as my heart-felt condolences. I hope you are managing - that you will find comfort in knowing that his suffering is over and that he is in a better place.

So here is my little offering about Magee Marsh.

Kenn Kaufman at Magee Marsh
I know Kenn Kaufman is one of Josh's heroes. He lives in our area, now. I'd actually been introduced to him a few days ago and got to bird alongside him. You couldn't ask for a friendlier fellow. I missed signing up for the event below.

2007 May Events & Field Trips

May 4th & 5th - Spring Warbler Identification Workshop with Kenn Kaufman - Friday 7:00 - 9:00 PM SORRY - SOLD OUT!!!

My wish is that your faith and family and friends and happy memories will comfort you and that though you grieve, nature's beauty will gentle some of the pain from your hearts.


Barb said...

Oh Cathy,

I don't think you realize how much you have lightened the hearts of two people you have never even met :)

You have brought smiles wider than the Amazon River to our faces. Josh is drooling about your meeting with Ken Kaufman and exclaimed with each new bird listed in the first picture lol. We are hoping "come hell or high water" as my mom used to say, to get back to Cincinnati this summer. Josh and I are the only two members of our family that haven't been back since we moved here to Las Vegas and our homesickness is taking over lately it seems. We would love to meet and bird with you when we visit there.

Thank you so much for sharing this very special post with us and all your bird sightings on others. You give us a little piece of Ohio each time and we feel blessed by it.

I am not sure what is up with the comments on my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll have to fix that as we love hearing from you.

Again, thank you so much!

Barb & Josh
PS Do you know how we can purchase one of those wonderful Magee Marsh bumper stickers?

Cathy said...

Barb - I'm so glad you found my post. I so understand homesickness. We lived in Denver for 7 years back in the 70's and I never stopped longing for home.

I don't know where that birder got the bumper sticker, but if in the next couple weeks I can track one down - I'll sure see that you get one or at least know how to order it.

It pleases me that I may have brightened your day. May you find many reasons to smile in the days ahead.

mon@rch said...

What a great place and Kenn Kaufman is such a great guy!