Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thinking About Dinner

The birding was a little slow the last few days. Birders actually took the time to enjoy this little fellow as he rustled up something to eat.
In fact is was so slow that I took the time to photograph this patient (and aesthetically -challenged spider) in the privy at Magee Marsh. (Any ID ideas, Bev?)

I'm sure she'd rather hang around 'outside' in the marsh like the spider who made this web and will be eating very well for quite a while. These are the midges the warblers eat and the reason it's such a great refueling spot for all the migrating birds.

Please Click for a closer look at a hungry Woodcock.

This squirrel defied the laws of gravity for a bit of tree salad.

Anybody want to guess what bird is examining the mud for lunch?
So I have all these fun pictures and have been trying to come up with a scheme for getting them into one post. Food! Now there's a strong unifying theme!

So what food or decadent snack puts a gleam in your eye?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


Lynne said...


I am particularly fond of latte (strong coffee with steamed milk) and a nice little piece of good chocolate to go with it!

Cathy said...

Lynne! Yea! Veery it 'tis! Ya know - this has been a disappointing Spring in that I've not heard one Veery singing his magic flute song. you hear them at Hasty Brook - right? I've heard Not one! Hopefully I'll hear them in Central Ohio (Mohican State Park) this weekend.

Oh yeah - Latte and chocolate. Ummm.

Mary said...

Oh, Cathy, that's an easy one for me. It's a Veery. I know that because you named the photo when I enlarged it! LOL! But I did check my field guide and you are CORRECT!

Even though I have a fear of spiders, I do want to photograph the ones who weave in the AM.

Your photos are amazing. They are so soft crave captions.

Cheese or ice cream.

threecollie said...

Love the veery. We haven't heard any yet either, or any other thrushes except robins.
As for indulgences....all things chocolate....and any kind of cookies.

Cathy said...

Mary! No fair! Haw, haw haw! That is so funny. I never figured anyone would actually click on these so-so pictures :0)

I'm so glad you back me up on the ID - Whew.

Now that's an interesting mix of cravings - kinda' like pickles and ice cream only . . . chewier. (and a few more calories, but who's counting? :0)

Cathy said...

Three Collie -

I'm wishing you buckets of thrush song. Though I long to hear the Veery I'm so thankful for the beautiful Robin as he/she sings the bedding-down-at-night song. Is there any sweeter sound in our neighborhoods?

Chocolate. Yes - I think I'll head to the pantry right now. I've got some Dark Chocolate (extra bio-flavinoids doncha' know ) I slice an apple and that's our dessert. Ummmmm)

KGMom said...

So so pictures--I don't think so.
What I want to know is why do you take your camera into the privy? Just hoping for spiders to photograph? LOL

LauraHinNJ said...

Love the little baby bunny! I watched one the other night *pruning* my chokeberries and serviceberry tree.

I haven't heard a veery either, but there was a hermit thrush singing from the deep woods at a state park the other day - wonderful!

Cathy said...

Donna -

I went back out to get my camera. This was a fairly LARGE spider and as the birding was slow and I'm trying to learn to "appreciate" spiders - I tried my macro feature and prayed she wouldn't move thereby causing me to scream and drop my camera in the latrine.

Cathy said...

Laura -

I knew YOU would love my bunny picture. Unfortunately, this doesn't give you a sense of scale. He was so little.

I haven't hear a hermit thrush either. Oh - my . . .

mon@rch said...

I would have to say Veery also! I just love your woodcock photo! Bravo!

Cathy said...


I just posted over at your place. Thanks! I love that photo, too.

Cathy said...
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Pam said...

I loved the squirrel and his trick of daring do.

My weakness is popcorn popped in canola oil, hot sesame oil and a little butter, sprinkled with parm cheese and a bit of salt. Woohoo!We've named it "Mimi's famous hot parm popcorn."

Barb said...

Josh LOVED your woodcock (I think he may have actually been drooling again) and knew it was some type of thrush but didn't guess the veery. See how much he needs to come back home to brush up on his eastern birds lol. I had to laugh as I read your comment about the "so so pictures" right after Josh commented on the "great" picture of the woodcock.

Starbucks coffee satisfied both Josh and I after birding this morning. We met up with some of our other birder friends to try and see a worm-eating warbler that had been spotted yesterday. No luck for us but we had a great time with our friends and the other birds we did see were worth the trip.

The site for our own blog is down right now but hopefully will be up soon.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Cuppa said...

I have been scarce in blogdom these days because I am "veery" tired
from rockin' and walkin' the new wee baby. Yes, Smudge has been fussy, fussy, fussy the last little while and mom is a tad overwhelmed, so grandma has been spending more time over there than here at home. Don't mind the day duty, but the late night stints tire this "old bird" out!

I am being treated to a quiet morning at home today though, and am enjoying catching up on your blog. Thanks for the smiles.

Rive Roses Cook book - Peanut Butter Cookies!
I looooove them! My mom used to make them when I was a kid and whenever I use her recipe to make a batch, I step back in time and am standing in that old kitchen chatting away with her again. Sigh! Oh, I can almost taste now. Yum!

Larry said...

You really captured some nice photos-So often I fail to get a useable photo of birds-nicely done!

Casey said...

Aesthetically challenged? Isn't this just a postmodern spider? ;)