Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rainy Day Musings

She's really closer than she looks. Promise.

I sat in my car at the botanical gardens reading my paper and watching the rain. Having parked by the rose garden in a gentle drizzle, I sat back in my seat to enjoy my coffee and newspaper. I had the place to myself - until two women appeared beside my car with bags of camera gear and tripods.

Mind you, I realize this is a public area, but one gal set her tripod just a few feet from my window and aimed in my direction. I felt pretty self-conscious and kept hoping the increasing drizzle would send them packing. Nope. They just covered their cameras with shower caps. I discretely raised my window the rest of the way and sat there getting steamy from the lack of ventilation and my sense of having my morning reverie thwarted. I mean - how do you dip your toast with someone watching? ( I'm able to leave my windows down in a light drizzle because I stack paper towels on the door armrest that contains the electronics - works pretty well.)

I decided it wasn't worth the aggravation and drove to another park. It's a busy metropark. I have a different mindset there and relished watching people unloading their bikes and walking their dogs. The botanical garden doesn't allow either activity.

I really dislike the discomfort I experienced when those two photographers invaded 'my' space. I mean - who made me queen of the universe? What's that all about? Get a grip, Cathy. Do you ever have similar experiences when 'your space' seems violated? Or am I just turning into a hopeless curmudgeon? Say it ain't so.


Anvilcloud said...

I do like the picture of them walking with the dog though.

mon@rch said...

how amazing someone would do this! Could they see you? Hope their photo's turned out in the rain like that!

Laurie said...

I can totally relate, Cathy!

When I camp in the national forest I always pick the most remote, rugged campspot and inevitably, though the campground may be completely empty, someone camps right beside me!

I know I shouldn't be that way, but it really irritates me.

KGMom said...

Oh Cathy, this is too funny and too true. We all have our comfort zone, and others invading it is just plain annoying.
Here's a space experiment. Next time you are out to eat with someone, slowing move your silverware further and further out, into his/her space. Watch the person get agitated.

Larry said...

Everyone has their own personal space zone-I can be very protective of my personal space at times.-When I go on vacation, I look for the most isolated areas I can find.-

Mary said...

Curmudgeon? NEVER! I would have steamed up my windows over that one, threw the gear in drive and left them in a cloud. Hmmmmpf.

I understand about the space. We all need it. It's like focusing your camera on a bird when you are standing on three acres with no one around. Then, an idiot shows up.

LauraHinNJ said...

I'm laughing here picturing their photos of dewy rosebuds interspersed with photos of you scowling at them!

Thanks for the giggle. Sorry your rainy day reverie was interrupted so rudely.

burning silo said...

As you might guess, I'm making the rounds and doing some much needed catching up on everyone's blogs. I'm with you on the "personal space" thing. Because I spend most of my time alone, I'm used to having an insane amount of space, so I don't handle "invasions" at all well. I'm with laurie about looking for the secluded campsite and I've had to fight off feelings of annoyance when someone else comes along and ignores any of a dozen other sites and picks the one closest to me. I always figure they're city slickers and want to feel snug and secure next to another campsite (arrrgggh!!!). (-: