Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It Must Be Said Again

I wrote this last year. The geese fly low over the paths where I walk in the local gardens. This time of year a sense of urgency, of longing fills their coming and goings. My heart is drawn skyward as they pass so low I can hear the air moving beneath their wings.
So with apologies to Edna St. Vincent Millay and her "God's World" -

It Must Be Said Again

The geese are flying overhead.
My lips and face echo their joy.
Open-mouthed I leave the trees below.

And cry a cry of bliss
and flight,
of moments impossible, yet -here.

Sweet grace.

And if I say "Let fall no burning leaf ";
it's all been said by the storied dead,

But, still - the geese are calling.

___________________Catherine Wilson __________________________________________


Anvilcloud said...

I guess they'll be gone soon, and later they'll warm our hearts anew upon their return.

Bonita said...

We are both thinking of the fall migrations. Here, we see Canadian geese gathering, and some flocking up. It is wonderful.

'All Things Considered' on NPR has a wonderful piece on the migration of the sandhill crane south, from Saskatchewan...(I plan to feature it tomorrow.)