Thursday, October 26, 2006

Wuss -Addendum - Made it :0)

You needn't read on - procedure is over - I'm home,happy and didn't embarrass myself.

OK. I'm a wuss. Hopefully by the time any of you, my few, but precious readers encounter this post - the above eye will have relinquished its nervous twitch.

So I'm scheduled for a very minor out-patient 'old lady' procedure early tomorrow morning and I'm having ' WAAAAAAH! I don't want to do this' anxiety.

Anesthesia is a good thing, but doggone it - it's hard to relinquish consciousness - even for a 10 minute procedure . I like looking around - I like being 'awake' to the world.

Yes, I fear death. But as I age, the fact of it becomes less terrifying - most of my friends agree that the blink from life to death isn't the greatest source of anxiety. We've all heard the troubling stories of lives prolonged beyond reason and we fear mostly the extended suffering that accompanies this process. Yes. That's it. I'm a wuss. I hate suffering.

But, I love looking around. I love beauty, mystery and most of all the connections with family and others that I've made over the years. We are so wonderful aren't we? That's what I'm trying to concentrate on tonight while I watch DVDs of Raymond, Frasier and A@E's Pride and Prejudice. Oh! Click on the water-cloud picture. See the lovely little feather? (Yes, I posted it before, but at the moment I'm inclined to indulge myself - it's one of my favorites:0)



pablo said...

We just finished watching that version of Pride and Prejudice at our house. Wonderful stuff!

Anonymous said...

I adore the cloud/water photo, it is so full of meaning. I love how you see the world and let us see it by posting your photos.

As for your "thing" tomorrow, I totally understand, having had one of those 'old lady' procedures myself in the not too distant past. There's no denying that it is a frightening experience, no matter how stout we feel we are emotionally, something like this is bound to cause concern. I am glad you are pampering yourself a little tonight.

I will be sending positive energy and healthy thoughts your direction tomorrow.

Cathy said...

dmmgmfm, Thanks so much - it just feels so good to receive caring thoughts from nice people.

Laura said...

Well, here's another one for you. I'll be thinking of you too... whatever the procedure is. And wishing you well. And I love that you posted the cloud picture again, as I didn't see it the first time, and I think it is very beautiful. Thank you.

Cathy said...

Ah, Laura of the leaking roof, beautiful family and tender place in her heart for fur-kids - whose wonderful blog I discovered by 'googling' a Mary Oliver poem - and from thence enjoyed endlessly the horse cam - my thanks for your taking the time to stop by in kindness.

Anvilcloud said...

These things are all pissy if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous to read that you are doing well. Thanks for updating us, I'll quit worrying now. Happy, happy day.

Cathy said...

Har! Anvil Cloud, I 'get' the double entendre. I'm glad your sense of humor is still in tact.