Monday, October 02, 2006

Squirrel Redux

Yeah, yeah. I posted a different pix of this sleepy little fellow a while ago, but he's so apropos. We both (my husband and I, not the squirrel) have jet-lag, fresh colds and it's a cold,thunder-grumbly rainy day and I know I speak for us both when I say that we're squirreled up today, just like this furball . My trip to the corner drug store was a hoot. Try to buy good old Actifed or any formulation with pseudoephedrine in it. It's all behind the counter and requires id and a signature and address and a wary pharmacy tech giving you the Larry David squint to see if you're fibbing about being sick. Damn those meth lab creeps - it's bad enough that they're causing human misery in the form of a powerful addictive substance, but doggone it - the common cold just got a little more miserable, too. The pharmacist agreed that the substiute in the new over-the-counter forumulation just isn't as good. Sigh.


Sue said...

Hi Cathy,

Welcome home! but sorry you've got a cold. I'm on the out sid eof one but did just have the same inquiry/wait at the pharmacy when I bought my sudafed! Feel better soon. The sun has come out the afternoon. I, of course, did errands this mroning and could not have nejoyed the cool, gray day more!! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! Take good care.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Sue - it's good to be home - you must be loving the weather today!

Thanks, dmmgmfm - A little Zicam, a little sunshine - all will be well again.