Thursday, April 19, 2007

And Now For A Few Nice Words

After giving The Toledo Botanical Gardens a black eye in yesterday's post for their decision to fell the Sycamore tree - I thought it only fair to post a kind word and two of my pictures that celebrate the beauty also in evidence there. I offer you my poem which was inspired by one of the swans that floats elegantly on their ponds.

The Kiss

A summer rain eclipsed the sun
and turned the world upside down.
The pond unburdened by reflected sky
was now a mirror for the dragon fly.

Geese nodded hello to the rose mallow
who leaned far out and was bending low
to catch its blush in the dark pearled face
upturned by the pond for the sun’s re-embrace.

Before the breeze teased the clouds apart
the swan dipped its head and formed a heart
with a graceful ghost who echoed the bliss
of a day transformed by this watery kiss.

So moved was the wraith by this feathery love
he quivered with joy for the life above
and rippled away in white shimmering rows
that trembled again in my answering Oh’s!

Catherine S. Wilson



KGMom said...

Lovely, just lovely.
The poem and the swan pics.
It is very interesting that you write in tight verse--that takes a lot of discipline.
I enjoyed this very much.

Cathy said...

Donna -
Thank you so much. I was relieved to have rediscovered it in my stack of stuff. It's celebratory and balances the darker tone of 'Pruning'. Whew.

You know? I think it's actually easier for me to work in tight verse.
When I try other forms - I tend to lose my way. Does that make any sense?

I love these pictures. It's hard to take a bad photo of a swan :0)

Body Soul Spirit said...

Beautiful imagery in your poem. I love looking at water reflections and look for them whenever I am near water (basically every day!) You swan pictures are perfect!

mon@rch said...

Love the swan photos and the poem! Wish I was a writer and could do poetry!

threecollie said...

Those swan photos make your throat catch they are so lovely...and the poem matches beautifully.

Cathy said...

Body, Soul, Spirit - Ruth -

Thanks. So glad you found beauty here.
You're near water almost every day - oh - wonderful! I so agree that reflections in water are compelling - haunting - magic.

Mon@rch -

Please, dear! Your life is poem :0)
Thank you.

Three Collie -

I love that you mentioned the lump in your throat. Did you know that Robert Frost said that a poem begins as 'a lump in the throat . ? Thank you.

Larry said...

Beautiful images to go with yout poem.-Both have a soothing feel to them.

Bonita said...

Thats a perfect poem for a beautiful sequence of photos! I do love the play of water there.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful post, Cathy. You really are very gifted. Thank you.

Pam said...

Your poem is just beautiful. You write with so much feeling and your imagery is stunning.The photos, especially the first one, are a visual treat.

Would you mind if I tried using the first in an art piece? Credit given to the photographer, of course.

Cathy said...

Larry -

I'm so happy you've found this poem pleasant. See? Soon you'll be trying your hand at haiku. Thanks so much.

Bonita -

Your video of water reflections during your canoe trips indicated to me that I'd discovered a poet and an artist:0) I'm glad you like my poem - my watery swans.

Laurie -

Thank you sweet lady. I only wish I had words to lighten the care that pulls at your bright spirit.

Pam -

Thanks so much! I'm just delighted to have you work with my swan. I knew when I leaned over the railing to capture that shot that it would be lovely.

Cathy said...

Pam !

Yes. Yes. Yes! Do you want the original jpg or the one I enhanced?

Patrice said...

Cathy! You've added beauty to everyone's day. Now that's doing something positive! Your comment about it being easier to work in tight verse is interesting to me. Can you suggest any specific handbooks for that? Have a wonderful week-end!

Cathy said...

Patrice -

Thank you so much, kind lady.

I get sweaty when asked questions about my 'style' - writing sources etc. I'm afraid I am the most un-schooled poet that ever lived. I am NOT being modest. I never finished my degree - and am ashamed of my shallow knowledge of past and current poets. I've always read poetry as a source of reassurance that I am not alone - in either my joy, or despair.

I only know what I love - what I fear. At times longing, joy and pain found the words - the cadence that matched my heart's.

Bonita said...

It is true that poetry can sustain a soul just like a prayer. Poetry is the gift of beauty and inspiration, just like religon can be a gift of communal spirit and purpose. I suspect that if we didn't have one, we'd have the other, or we'd have music and the arts. They simply sustain the journey of the soul.

The word verification for my comment is uhvigo - and I sure have to laugh, as Dr. Zhivago was one of my alltime favorite films about the profound love within a Russian poet.

Cathy said...

Yes, Bonita - the journey of the soul - the pilgrimage - the search for truth, meaning, beauty, love . . . God.

You know - that word verification business is fascinating. I, too, have had some really remarkable ones show up at the most interesting times and I'm so glad you shared this with me.

Sandy said...

You caught her grace in both the poem and your photos! Very lovely.

Pam said...

I've changed my mind, I'd like to use both swans. Thanks so much, and they are beautiful the way they are. I don't know what you did to tweak them, but it's awesome.

Cathy said...

Sandy -

Thank you. The camera caught the visual - I'm so pleased that you feel I captured it in my poem.

Cathy said...

Pam -

Excellent! This is fun.

LauraHinNJ said...

I came by yesterday and just enjoyed your photos - I agree - it's hard to take a bad pic of a swan, but I love the shape created by the first pic!

Tonight I read your poem and think it pares so well with the pics - wonderful - thanks for sharing it!

Cathy said...

Laura -

Thanks so much. I am pleased that the poem and picture resonate so nicely. Sometimes we just get lucky and are grateful for it!

Mary said...

Cathy, this is probably the best post I've read this week and I'm sorry as heck that I'm a day late reading it.

You are a msster of words and your photos are devine.

Do you know how many of us long for your talent? But it's God given. You make the best of your gift.

Bravo. Keep giving us your treats, please.

Cathy said...

Mary -
Dear friend . . . your comment is the nicest 'Goodnight' I've had in long time.

You must never apologize for arriving on your own schedule. You'd be welcome here long after the guests had departed, the candles were snuffed, the dishes done and my pj's were on. The coffee might be cold, but my welcoming smile - always warm :0)

Larry said...

Haiku?-Cathy did you sneeze?-God Bless You.

Cathy said...

Larry - You rascal ;0)