Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Raindrops and Snowflakes on Feathers

In the front yard, the Cardinal was feeling a bit ruffled by the set-back in the weather.

He watched the Easter Bunny batting away at snowflakes.

In the backyard, the ducks waited patiently for Spring. Even the drake occasionally closed his eyes.

It was that kind of day. A day for napping and dreaming of warming breezes and a few fragrant blossoms drifting gently down.



LauraHinNJ said...

I'm dreaming with you, Cathy! Of course we don't have any snow, but it's supposed to be rainy and cold for the next few days.

I thought of you this morning when my dog flushed two mallards from our little backyard pond before it was very light out. I wonder if they spent the night out there with the goldfish tickling their toes?

Cathy said...

Laura - that's so cute: ' . . goldfish tickling their toes.'
Yep. Dogs and duckies don't mix. We'd had dogs for 30 years in our backyard. They're gone :0( But now we've got ducks :0)

Anvilcloud said...

The ducks and birds do you honour. But stop the snow already.

Body Soul Spirit said...

I didn't realize it was cold enough for snow in Ohio too. I like the bird pictures and the DAFFODILS! Ours are so overdue and something has eaten all my hyacinth buds before they opened. Enough of my whining! you make the cold weather snap look tolerable.

Pam said...

You take the most incredible photos. I have probably already said this, but it bears repeating.
A bright spot in this endless winter.

Lynne said...

Those ducks are in your backyard!??
Lucky you! I hope you'll share duckling pix too.

Mary said...

I'd jump for joy if I saw ducks on my pond! You are very lucky.

This whole post put me in the mood you described, "dreaming of warming breezes and a few fragrant blossoms drifting gently down". Just LOVELY!

Your excellent photos tell a story, too...Easter bunny batting snowflakes. That last photo is breathtaking! Thank you, Cathy!

Cathy said...

Anvil Cloud!

Whaaat? You're tired of snow? Shoot. I was trying to find takers for some of my spare white #@%*. . . . :0)

Body Soul Spirit -

Oh, yeesssss. We're cold enough for snow. I think that's what the duck was doing in my heated birdbath. She's as tired of frozen tail feathers as the rest of us. Whine away - you're in good company.

Pam -
Thank you so much. Please repeat any kind words as often as you like. I may be repeating myself when I say that if I please your artist's eye - I must be doing OK.

Lynne -

Yes! My back yard. I can't claim proprietorship as they amble (waddle) through the gate and out again. I just cross my fingers and hope they navigate the driveways and streets without mishap.

Mary -

You always make me feel so good about my efforts at communicating the whimsy I spy through my windows. Your blog is my inspiration. Thank you dear lady :0)

threecollie said...

You are a spectacular photographer! Every time I visit here I am amazed at the quality of your bird photos. Thanks for sharing a few bright spots in this lousy excuse for spring!

Cathy said...

Three Collie -

Thank you soooo much. Ya know - I took all these photos through windows. It's too yucky to even venture out.
'Lousy excuse' doesn't begin to cover the range of feeling I have about this #@*&%& weather :0)

Bonita said...

Such imaginative, precious photos here....but, I'm thinking 'heated bird-baths'. Wouldn't that just be the cat's meowww!

Cathy said...

Bonita -

Your beautiful neck of the woods doesn't have the persistent winter 'hard water' problem that our Ohio little friends must contend with. By 'heated' I mean the H20 is kept just above freezing. Not exactly a sauna:0)

KGMom said...

I love the female all settled down in the water, bill tucked in and all. And the detail on the mallard male--water drops rolling off his back!

Cuppa said...

Oh goodness, the snow here has my tail-feathers in a knot today. Can't imagine how the birds are feeling outside in the wintry blast! They don't look too ruffled about it though. Maybe that is the secret. Just hunker down and keep your toes warm until the storm passes and then spread your wings and fly.

Loved all your pics. Keep 'em coming.

Cathy said...

Kgmom -

Thanks - I'm so glad you liked these pixes. It somehow helps my mood to take these depressing days and find a sweet image to soften the disappointment of another sunless day.

Cuppa -

My tail feathers are too frozen to make a knot :0D But I'm keeping my wings preened so that if Spring ever makes a reappearance it's up up and away!

Laurie said...

What beautiful photos Cathy! Truly wonderful. Sorry you are getting snowed on. We are due for quite a storm here in Colorado too. I could do without it...

Cathy said...

Laurie -

Thanks sweet lady. And can you hear me chanting: No more snow! No more snow!

Jimmy said...

Thanks for posting on my blog...we have lots of snow now...9inches. Will spring ever arrive.

Larry said...

Do these ducks have names? Looks like they're living it up.

Sandy said...

I love the cardinal shot, and do the ducks live with you are they just visiting??

We had more snow last night, too, but most of it melted today. April was the snowest month this season in Portland.

Sandy said...

I mean snowiest!!

Cathy said...

Jimmie -

Yes, yes . . . The snow will go. Spring will arrive, perhaps a little late, but with flowers in her hair.

Larry -

Interesting. I haven't named them. Hmmmm. Any suggestions?

Sandy -

I do not envy you all the lovely crystalline white. I know you are as ready for green as I and the patient ducks who wander in and out of my backyard at their leisure.

Cuppa said...

Thanks for the heads up about the comment button on my blog. Don't know how it got turned off, but I think it is back on now.

AC's hand is much better tonight thank goodness. He sure wants to be able to hold that baby when she gets here.

It is after 8pm and we just got back from a little visit with the kids - still nothing happening yet.

Cathy said...

Cuppa - This is just so exciting. Butterfly must have so many butterflies :0)

Crafty Green Poet said...

the photos of the cardinal and the mallard's head are stunning! Wow!

mon@rch said...

Lots of rain and snow here also! Love your photos, those mallard shots are great! Love your Cardinal photo also!

Rhea said...

That was a gorgeous cardinal.

Cathy said...

C G Poet -
Monarch -
Rhea -

Thanks so much! For some reason blogger doesn't always tell me when nice peoples have dropped in to say hello. I'm so glad you did.