Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Ones That Got Away

Wren butt with possible exudate.

Twigs and Sandhill Cranes

Twigs and the Song Sparrow

Twigs and the Pine Warbler

Towhee head and butt.

X marks the spot where the eye should be.

There's a bird here - right?

You were all so kind about my great bird photography. Inspired by Lynne's posts about bird butts and the 'ones that got away' - I present a very small portion of my Gallery of Disappointing Bird Shots.



pablo said...

I don't find them disappointing.

Larry said...

-I still think that most of them are nice photos.-Somewhere along the line someone decided what makes a good photo .-Therefore if something doesn't fit that definition, we assume they're no good.-says who?

Laurie said...

You are so cute, Cathy. I love your blooper photos. And like Pablo says, they really aren't disappointing at all.

Mary said...

Hey, you have company, Cathy! I laughed throughout this post because I believe anyone who photographs birds has too many of these types of photos!

You inspire me to think of a future "blooper" post.

This made my night, coming from a beginning birder/photographer. Now I don't feel so inferior. Watching the birds pose nicely is great, but watching what they do naturally is precious.

Love you for this, Cathy!

Lynne said...

I think Larry's made a good point- there are different kinds of good photos.

Any way I LOVE a good bird butt!!


Body Soul Spirit said...

Who says candid photos are disappointing? They are often the most memorable. That song sparrow is so enthusiastic, and the pine warbler is lovely. And the wren...well that is just funny!

Body Soul Spirit said...
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Susan Gets Native said...

I could fill a book with all my bird butt shots.

You crack me up.