Thursday, April 05, 2007

Smiling Again

Spring's Promise

Kick back and Enjoy

Catch Up On Gossip

I didn't think anything would brighten this day of frozen daffodils and languishing magnolia buds, but here we sit with the furnace back on in our winter clothes - smiling. We've just learned that the biopsy reports were very very good. It may be winter outside, but it's Spring in our hearts. Don't those two daffodils look as though they're catching up on neighborhood gossip?


KGMom said...

The daffodils do look like they are sharing the latest news.
I also love the kick back foot on the swan.
BTW on your prior post, I couldn't get the photos to load, even trying several times.

Cuppa said...

Oh, such good news, good, good, good news. Yes, spring is busting out all over - inside.

We are smiling with you.

Cathy said...

Donna - My pictures are coming up. Hmmmm. I wonder what Springtime mischief is afoot:0)

Cuppa - Yes! " . . . all over inside' - feeling goooood. Thank you.

Anvilcloud said...

Phew! What's a little snow now, eh?

burning silo said...

Sounds like very good news, Cathy! I'm so glad. Now, if the weather will cooperate and give you some springtime warmth and greenery. C'mon spring!

Cathy said...

AC - Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Bev - Thanks so much. I'm much more patient now that we've had good news. These cold, gray days won't diminish the glow in my heart.

Mary said...

Oh Gosh. You must be in heaven, wonderful woman! GOOD NEWS! Those daffodils look like they are modeling megaphones - yes, talking about the weather, too.

As kgmom said, I couldn't see the photos, either, but I couldn't resist to comment.

Keep smiling and using that wonderful sense of humor you own.

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad for your good news, Cathy.

Laurie said...

Happy, happy day Cathy! I am thrilled to hear the news! I can only imagine how ecstatic and relieved you both are.

As Cuppa said, we are smiling with you.

Pam said...

Yeeeeha! Good news! So much for being PO'd at the snow.
Those daffodils remind me of the talking flowers in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland."

Cathy said...

Mary -
Thanks so much. Yes, 'heaven' is a pretty good description of this nice place my head is experiencing. Now if I could get this tired body to follow along after it:0)
My hubby and I can't figure what the heck is going on with that other 'Grrrr' post. Grrrrrr.

Laura -

Thank you. This sort of news will keep our hearts singing through the recent bluster and snow.

Laurie -

Thanks so much. And I know that given your recent support of Dale, you understand all the ramifications. He and your concerns for him are never far from my mind.


Thank you. Thank you. Lots of 'yeehaaing' going on here.
I'm pleased your whimsical artist's eye enjoyed my dallying daffodils:0)

Bonita said...

What wonderful, good news, Cathy. I know you can rest a little easier now. Take time, to enjoy your Easter weekend.

Cathy said...

Bonita - Thank you so much. I know you understand the concern we have for our fellas when their health falters a bit. 'Ditto' for our own:0)
May your Easter weekend be filled with the promise of renewal.

Lynne said...

We just got back from our week in Phoenix this AM (3AM!!) and your good news is the best news I've read while catching up! I am so happy for you both.

Cathy said...

Lynne - You are so sweet to have taken the time to find this post and share the smiles. Thank you so much, sweet lady. Welcome home! I imagine you're just about as wintry as we are here in Toledo. You sure picked a great week to head south.