Thursday, February 08, 2007


How could one help but to project that this Tri-color Heron felt 'glum' on this rainy, soggy day? Now that I'm sitting back in Ohio in my desert-humidity winter home, I'm thinking that bird was feeling 'smug'.
As I hurriedly undressed last night, I took off the daytime black wool long underwear to don my white silk long underwear. Shivering, I reached up to hang the daytime garment on the peg and paused - and squinted and ducked my head to peer over the top of my glasses at some strange phenomenon involving the day's apparel. Hmmm. How can I spare you too detailed a visual? Hmmm. Let's just say the garment now looked inhabited. Seems the outer layer of my being has decided to migrate. I'll leave you with that. So now it's time to find the emollients and spend chilly shuddering moments slacking the thirst of my epidermis when I'd just rather crawl under the covers and imagine the banquet I'm laying before the resident dust mites. Well- someone may as well be enjoying this.


Anvilcloud said...

Those birds must be missing you.

KGMom said...

What an evocative photo of the heron--looking forlorn and beautiful at the same time. And the way you captured the rain drops!
Hope you successfully beat back the effects of the desert in your house!

Bonita said...

Dust mites and blue heron, in winter. God bless all the little lives.

LauraHinNJ said...

There just isn't enough lotion this time of year, Cathy!

I love cranky heron pics - thanks.

Laurie said...

That is quite the photo Cathy. I love it.

And I can really relate to the dry skin problem. Everyone at work has been ill, so I wash my hands constantly and it feels as if they will crack apart.

I'm thinging Sprink, as my dad used to say.

Cuppa said...

The dust mites are having a feast in this corner of the country too. I slather on moisturizer day and night, but it feels like a losing battle, especially when my heels snag on my socks when I put them on in the morning. Good grief!

I had the pumice board out last night and was giving it a good workout on my heels when AC walked into the room. He looked at me and said "Now I know why you seem to be getting shorter! You're scraping an inch of dead skin off the bottom of your feet each day!!!"

Come on spring before it is too late and I am just a heap of flakes on the floor.

Cathy said...

Ah - my dear flaky blogging buddies. Seems we're all molting together. Come Spring we'll be all new and shiny. (Cuppa I've never tried the pumice - I think I actually bought one once, but was afraid I'd hurt myself:0)