Saturday, February 24, 2007

While The Glaciers Retreat

The little Mourning Dove above was taking advantage of the sunshine in Ohio yesterday. The light was so strong that though the temperatures were below 32' - the icicle above the dove's head sent drips past his perch onto the receding glacier.
Today I photographed a Gambles Quail with nothing like an icicle looming overhead. What a difference 4 hours can make this time of year.
I think I'm getting a fresh cold - the first this year. It's OK - I feel so relaxed and bleary it's kinda nice. And what the heck - Everyone - has colds. Far be it from me to be a non-conformist. (I hear my friends sniggering)


Mary said...

Cathy, your photos really create the mood. I particularly love the first one of the quail - the colors are so strong, especially when I enlarged the photo.

I hope your cold doesn't keep you down. Keep posting!

We are warming up in NC but the flu bug hasn't migrated yet. My fingers are crossed that I stay immune to it :)

Laurie said...

I love your photos. As Mary said, the colors in the first one are wonderful, especially when viewed large.

I hope your cold is a quick one. I'm surprised (I should knock on wood here) that I haven't gotten sick, there's a lot of bugs going around here too.

Bonita said...

You'll have to get out your long underwear when you get out for those walks. Here's hoping the cold vanishes...both types.