Monday, February 26, 2007

Strange Day

The desert environs seemed to channel other dimensions today. I don't believe in magic. I'm not superstitious. Spiritual? I'm too lazy tonight to attempt the definition and so can't claim that either. But as I walked the trail that led up into a mini-wilderness area behind a Phoenix resort - I looked at the star burst imprint on the wall of granite above the dramatic bush and immediately thought of Moses' burning bush and visualized the explosive granitic pattern above it as the door through which God entered the world to converse with man. Whoa. It must be the effect of sun and shedding my long underwear. The grackle and windchime feather that hangs from the patio beam, were also sifting mystery. Whoa. It's a good thing we'll only be here a week. We're headed for Sedona Wednesday and I hear they're all a bunch of weirdos up there. Crystals and witches and other New Agey stuff. Hmmm. This desert air does something.


Mary said...

Well that was one of the most spiritual paragraphs I read in a long time :o) Your photos are awesome...I see a heart on that granite rock.

Don't get too sunbaked. When you meet the weirdos - take notes.

Come back soon, Cathy!

Anvilcloud said...

You're in a good place. Have you been to the Botanical Gardens?

pissed off patricia said...

I agree with Mary, your photos are absolutely outstanding.

Bonita said...

I'd enjoy Sedona, with the crystals and witches. Life offers us a large buffet.

Cathy, what kind of camera do you use? It is not often anymore that I see images that are mutted in the background and crisply focused in the center. Seems like these digital types focus everything.

Cathy said...

Mary - I may get bit in the b---. Those nice Sedona people will probably being taking notes on me.

AC - Just got back from the Botanical Gardens! Google them and look at the so cool willow structures an artist just completed.

POP - My head is swelling - Thanks!

Bonita - I always shoot on automatic with my Canon PowerShot S3IS - (hope I'm reading that right) I agree with you - digital frequently disappoints by emphasizing all object equally.

Laurie said...

Wow, you just keep putting up these gorgeous pictures. I hope the duct tape holds on for a little while longer. :)